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Become a master of Minion Rush with the most useful tips

More than 900 million players have tried Minion Rush. Now it’s time for you to set out your own unforgettable Despicable adventure. 
Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a game inspired by the animated movie with the same name. Like this hit movie, Minion game on mobile phone also has achieved many successes. It's time to stop playing solo to take part in awesome multiplayer apk games right now
Pick up your most beloved Minion and start running through surprisingly amazing 3D environments that look exactly the same as in the movies. Discover plenty of secrets rooms and do many crazy missions across different locations around the world. Lots of beautiful and fabulous rewards are just waiting for you! 
Here are useful tips and tricks that will help you master Minion Rush 
Oh my Banana!
The bananas in Minion Rush are like a unit of currency, so collect as many bananas as you can. You can use bananas to upgrade your Minion’s capabilities, or purchase clothes in the shop to help your Minion become more lovely. 
Save Gru token
Gru token is a special kind of money that is used to pass some difficult missions or buy rare items. They are not easily earned in Minion Rush, therefore, try your best not to waste it. For many freshers, they often make use of Gru tokens for reviving Minions, which is not necessary. Leave them later, and you won’t regret!
Do not forget to get Gru token after each mission
As mentioned above, collecting Gru tokens is not a piece of cake, so after completing a mission, the player will receive a certain amount of tokens. It is the best way to accumulate many tokens for yourself. Some players underestimate the value of tokens, and then often ignore the receipt of free tokens - Such a pity! 

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Change your Minion’s dress
As for quite a lot of endless runner games out there, the characters are only dressed up to look more fashionable or lovely. However, Minion Rush is an exception. 
Changing Minion costumes is a very important thing that players need to keep in mind while playing the game. Each suit has its distinctive functions. Some clothes can help prolong the effects of magic medicine that your Minion has eaten before, which makes it easier to overcome the obstacles. 
Remember to use Power-ups

Power-ups is a powerful tool for endless running in the game. When you get enough the number of bananas, do not forget to shop for your Power-ups, so the score will be significantly improved compared to not using. 
Connect Facebook to share achievement
When first login to the game, the publisher gives the players a small gift that is 100 Gru tokens when they connect the game with Facebook. Also, players can share their scores with other friends and compete for points with them. This will make the game more exciting than ever! 
Visit Minion Rush daily
Last but not least, keep in mind to practice your skills and reflecting abilities everyday. The more you play, the better your skills become. 
Final lines…

Get the most out of our advice and become unbeatable at Despicable Me: Minion Rush! Enjoy top offline games for Android you must download and play right now